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The Healthy High Performance Masterclass is an on-demand video series that provides essential insights and proven, practical strategies for optimising wellbeing, performance, resilience and sustainability. The Masterclass comprises four sections, each of which focuses on an area critical to wellbeing, performance, productivity and sustainability:

  • EMOTIONAL REGULATION - how to support and enhance thinking, mood, mindset and resilience

  • ENERGY - how to lift and sustain levels of vitality and wellbeing

  • ENVIRONMENT - how to optimise workspace at home or office to maintain wellbeing and boost performance

  • EXECUTION - how to manage workload, eliminate distractions and maintain focus to maximise output and productivity

Topics covered in the Masterclass include:


•    The science of stress – why some stress is good, but too much can derail thinking, judgement, decision         

      making and self-control.

•    The physiological basis for burnout, and how to protect against it.

•    How stress affects breathing, and the simple exercises that allow us to take control of our mental and

     physiological state.

•    Mental tools for dampening the stress response and enhancing resourcefulness quickly and easily.

•    Accessible and inexpensive technology for quantifying stress and managing it more effectively.

•    Mental exercises for boosting long-term resilience and sustainability.

  • The common thinking styles that cause stress and anxiety, and how to combat them.


•    Nutritional strategies for ensuring sustained levels of energy throughout the day, with no ‘mid-afternoon slump’.

•    The critical importance of optimal hydration, and two fundamental principles for ensuring our fluid needs are met

     with ease.

•    ‘Intermittent fasting’ – dietary fad or potent tool for enhancing wellbeing and performance?

•    How to manage alcohol consumption without willpower, sacrifice or deprivation.

•    A simple, conceptual approach to healthy eating that is easily applied to individual preferences and tastes.

•    The role sleep has in optimal wellbeing and performance.

•    The two common factors that can wreck sleep quality, and how to solve them with ease.

•    The relationship between light and sleep, and how to manage this to optimise sleep quality.

•    Why sleep needs vary from person-to-person and time-to-time, and how to spot ‘sleep debt’.

•    Why it is possible to ‘catch up on sleep’, and how to do this most effectively.

•    Why ‘sleep scheduling’ is usually counter-productive, and what works better.

•    How to optimise breathing during sleep and combat snoring and sleep apnoea.

•    Simple and effective strategies for those struggling to get to sleep or who wake in the night.

•    The unexpected benefits that come from low-intensity activities like walking. 

•    The cheap and underrated piece of exercise equipment for boosting fitness and wellbeing at home.

•    Why more exercise is not necessarily better, and what research shows is the optimal amount.

•    How to build strong and functional muscles with exercise regimes that require no equipment and take just a few


•    How to get the benefit of an hour’s worth of exercise in a fraction of the time.

•    A simple mindset shift for making exercise easier and more enjoyable.



•    How to set up the desk and immediate workspace with optimal ergonomics and productivity in mind.

•    How to use light to boost energy and performance.

  • How to optimise air quality simply and effectively.

  • How to manage sound and use technology to boost focus and concentration.

•    How to manage the ‘digital environment’ to reduce distraction and boost focus and concentration.

•    The causes of ‘Zoom Fatigue’ and how to combat them effectively.

•    How to create and maintain more effective separation between ‘work’ and ‘home’.

•    Strategies for supporting wellbeing and performance, whether working from home or in the office.


•    How to manage workload to boost effectiveness and productivity.

•    How to reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

•    How to boost focus and concentration.

•    How to manage both internal and external distractions.

•    How to manage time and tasks for easier, more effective, execution.

•    How to get into the highly-focused and uber-productive state of ‘flow’

The four modules are split into more than 40 individual lessons to enable learning in ‘bite-sized chunks’.


The Healthy High Performance Diagnostic can be used in conjunction with the Masterclass video series to quickly identify the elements of the programme that are most likely to be of individual benefit.

The Healthy High Performance Masterclass is available to both individuals and organisations. 

Corporate services include on-going access to the content plus the ability to run the Diagnostic regularly to provide:

  • Employees with up-to-date assessment and recommendations for support in current 'weak spots'

  • Anonymised, grouped data providing organisations with an overall picture of workforce wellbeing and an ability to spot both positive and negative trends 


To make an enquiry about corporate accounts for Healthy High Performance Diagnostic and Masterclass please email: