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The Importance of ‘Taking Care of Business’

For any business focused on commercial success, factors such as talent, skills, resources and strategy are important. But these things can only get a business so far. That’s because an organisation’s ability to execute its plan and realise its ambitions ultimately depends on the engagement and effectiveness of its people.

Unfortunately, the business of work, however rewarding, can take its toll on both physical and mental wellbeing. Stress and anxiety are common, and many people can find themselves struggling with lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and sleep. These psychological and physical pressures can leave people demotivated and low on energy, eroding their productivity and sustainability.

Issues like these can cost businesses dearly and affect the bottom line. Compromised wellbeing is a common factor in absenteeism and staff turnover, for example. But, the majority of costs from wellbeing issues are the result of ‘presenteeism’ – a phenomenon where employees are ‘putting in the hours’, but not generating much in the way of meaningful output.

Introducing the Healthy High Performance Programme

The Healthy High Performance Programme (HHPP) offers a cost-effective, scalable means of giving employees the knowledge and know-how they need to control stress effectively, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and manage their workload successfully and sustainably.

The Programme has been developed by Dr John Briffa. Dr Briffa is an award-winning graduate of University College London School of Medicine, and an expert and thought-leader in the optimisation of wellbeing, performance and resilience.


An author of 10 books, Dr Briffa has 30 years of clinical experience in Lifestyle Medicine, and since 1996 has partnered with organisations globally to support wellbeing and sustainability at individual, team and organisational levels.


The Programme is based on Dr Briffa’s in-depth research, and also draws on his experience gained from tens of thousands of hours of individual clinical and coaching interactions.

Emotional Regulation.png


 how to use both physiological and psychological approaches to support and enhance thinking, mood, mindset, resilience and resourcefulness



how to adjust and optimise lifestyle factors such as diet, activity and sleep to lift and sustain our levels of vitality and wellbeing



how to set up the workspace and manage the immediate environment (including light, sound and air quality) to support wellbeing and boost performance



how best to manage workload, eliminate overwhelm, and maintain focus to maximise effectiveness and productivity, and sustainability


Individualised Advice
and Support

via the HHPP Diagnostic

Key Learning and
Practical Behavioural Change

via the Masterclass videos
and Working Well Book

Team and Organisation-Wide Data and Analytics

The Healthy High Performance Programme is individualised and targeted. Rather than offering ‘blanket advice’, it includes a personal diagnostic questionnaire that rates individuals in each of 14 domains spanning the Four Fundamentals. An individual report identifies the areas in which a person is strong, as well as those where significant opportunity for improvement exists. For each domain, the report signposts relevant video and written resources for a full understanding of the area, and practical advice for improvement and optimisation.

The Healthy High Performance Programme provides learning in a highly-digestible and easily-accessible form. It includes 16 ‘masterclass’ videos for effective learning. This is supplemented with a comprehensive, scientifically-referenced book (Working Well) for in-depth understanding and advice. These resources can be accessed by users for learning and practical guidance at any time that suits them.

The Healthy High Performance Programme also provides organisations with insightful data and analytics. Aggregated, anonymised data is used to provide overviews of the current status of employees, as well as trends and progress over time. This data allows organisations to identify and stratify vulnerabilities and risks, enabling them to target support and investment most appropriately and cost-effectively.

HHPP's Far-Reaching Benefits for Individuals and Organisations

The Healthy High Performance Programmes offers comprehensive and tangible benefits on both individual and organisational levels.


Benefits for individuals include:


  • Enhanced physical and mental wellbeing


  • Increased effectiveness and productivity


  • Improved mood, psychological functioning, resilience and resourcefulness


  • Enhanced work-life balance and life satisfaction


  • For more senior people, greater leadership and management capability, and the ability to be a more inspiring role model


  • An enhanced ability to live and work successfully and sustainably


Benefits for organisations include:


  • Improved employee engagement, morale and loyalty


  • Reduced staff turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism


  • Improved business effectiveness, productivity and sustainability


  • An enhanced reputation as an employer of choice, and an improved ability to attract and retain talent


  • A Healthier high-performance culture


The Healthy High Performance Programme offers organisations an effective, scalable means to support people to be healthier, happier, and more productive.


Make an enquiry and explore how the Healthy High Performance Programme can benefit your organisation and people.

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